About Us

        TEMA Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer which specialize in producing automobile rubber shock absorber and annual output reached 2 million pieces. Our main products including various auto control arm, hydraulic suspension shock absorber, metal  rubber, shock absorber, cantilever bushing, dust-proof sets etc. Our products are popular in Russia, Germany, the United States, Brazil, Ukraine, Malaysia, Dubai and other countries. Equipped with first-class production and testing machine, while those machine including: mixer center for all kinds of metal processing machinery, Germany DESMA rubber injection machine, laser marking machine、rheometer,  and all kinds of advanced testing instruments. WE are equipped with a suite of completeness production...[more]

Hot Products

  • Control Arm Bushing:T11-2909080


  • Control Arm Bushing:T11-2909070


  • Control Arm Bushing:T001-34-42YB


  • Control Arm Bushing:RGX500211


  • Control Arm Bushing:RGX101000


  • Suspension Bushing:RGX 500290

    RGX 500290

  • Control Arm Bushing:RGX 500201

    RGX 500201

  • Control Arm Bushing:RGX 500111

    RGX 500111

  • Control Arm Bushing:RBX500432


  • Control Arm Bushing:RBX500311